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The Best 5 Ways to Prepare For A Successful Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a perfect way to get the most precise vision you have ever imagined. And, if you work with a seasoned LASIK surgeon, you will feel comfortable with every bit of the procedure. 

The Best 5 Ways to Prepare For A Successful Laser Eye Surgery

From the records, most people who have gone for laser eye surgery come back with good testimonies, which means they had a good time right from the time they stepped into the surgery center till they left. 

Meanwhile, having a successful laser eye surgery is not a one-sided effort; it requires cooperation between the patient and the surgeon for the procedure to be quick, painless, and produce lasting results afterward. With that, the place of preparation both for the patient and surgeon cannot be over-emphasized. 

Now, if you are working with an expert surgeon, I will believe that he already knows what to do to conduct the best surgical procedure that will give you a perfect sight afterward. But, as a patient, I deem it essential to teach you how to prepare for laser eye surgery to have a successful surgery session. 

So what are the essential things to do while preparing for laser eye surgery? Here are the best five.

1. Drink water

Before you go to the laser eye surgery center, make sure that you drink as much water as possible. Unless the surgeon advises you otherwise, you must drink water before the procedure begins.

Water provides many benefits that help the body be active and responsive before, during, and after surgery. If you take water in much quantity before laser eye surgery, you are doing yourself a great favor. For instance, drinking water before the surgery will help keep your body hydrated, and taking it after the surgery will aid the healing process to be faster. learn more benefits of drinking clean water at

The Best 5 Ways to Prepare For A Successful Laser Eye Surgery

Besides, one of the most common adverse effects of laser eye surgery is that you can begin to experience dry eyes temporarily. So, drinking more water is an excellent way to keep your eyes lubricated after the surgery. 

Meanwhile, you don’t have to abide by this rule only the day you want to go for the surgery; you need to have made it a habit long before the surgery date arrives. You should be careful not to drink excess water because you are preparing for laser eye surgery. About eight glasses of water are good enough for every 24 hours. 

2. Stop wearing contact lenses 

Before you advance to the laser eye surgery venue, you must first visit an optician at any reliable diagnostic eye center to seek professional advice. Based on experience, it is most likely that the doctor will advise you to stop using contact lens for more than a week if you are using a soft contact lens. You might need to stop for at least a month for the best results for hard contact lenses. 

This advice is essential because wearing a contact lens can affect the shape of the cornea and even alter the result of the LASIK procedure. In light of that, you need to give your eyes a break to rest before the surgery date. 

The Best 5 Ways to Prepare For A Successful Laser Eye Surgery

Meanwhile, you will have to ask your doctor about the right time to stop wearing contact lens. The doctor will prescribe that to you based on the result he gets from evaluating your eyes. 

3. Get a drive for the surgery trip 

During laser eye surgery, you will not be put to sleep. Instead, the surgeon will apply eye drops to numb your eyes. If you feel nervous before the procedure starts, the surgeon might give you some medications to relax your body. Click here to learn some tips for relaxing your body.

The essence of the numbing eye drop is to make sure that you don’t feel any pain when the LASIK procedure is ongoing. It might also gladden you to know that the numbing eye drop will wear off automatically a few hours after the LASIK surgery is over. 

Considering what your eyes will go through during the surgery, you should avoid driving yourself when returning from the surgery center. For that reason, you need to get someone that will drive you to the hospital for the laser eye surgery and drive you home afterward. 

4. Get comfortable clothes 

What you wear to the laser eye surgery venue matters. It will determine whether you are going to be comfortable throughout the procedure or not. That is why it is so important to put on clothes that can make you feel comfortable when going for laser eye surgery. 

The Best 5 Ways to Prepare For A Successful Laser Eye Surgery

More so, you will need to wear clothing items that you can quickly put off when you return from the surgery. Hence, you need to plan a comfortable outfit for the procedure, including athletic shorts, leggings, a …